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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  October 28, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm CDT

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tonight, the breakin developments. the f-16s scrambled. the military's runay blimp, floating over america. >> it's going down. >> knocking out power to tens of thousands, drifting over schools. $175 million spent on that balloon. we're on the scene with the new warning at this hour. breaking developments in the case of the classroom takedown. the community outraged tonight. parents divided over who is really to blame. and this evening, the officer seen smiling before he was fired. his new statement. the high skes showdown amid dropping poll numbers. donald trump saying to iowa voters, what are you doing to me? the g debate, and trump now says, he's ready. the dangerous commute at this hour. the storm stretching 1,200 miles, blinding rain, up and down the east coast. a rough night ahead. and the first lady and the prince.
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speechless. gli good evening. and we begin tonight with the mystery for hours today and the concern. f-16s scrambled up and down the coast when a military blimp broke free, tearing loose, floating away. this is what it looks like, a giant high tech air ship 240 feet long. 175 million in your tax money. this is what it looked like floating over a school. later, spotted floating over a neighborhood, crashing through power lines, knocking out power. and here's the path it took. breaking away from the aberdeen proving grounds in maryland, flting across pennsylvania and coming down in motherland township. abc's lindsey dav on the scene tonight, and many asking, how does a military blimp break free in the first place? >> reporter: for hours today, mystery. just where was the $175 million military blimp?
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>> it knocked down our power erer at school. >> reporter: 12:20 p.m., the blimp detached from its stationon at aberdeen proving ground many maryland. traveling north you 16,000 feet in the air, floating into pennsylvania. >> it's going to land right in the corn field. >> reporter: the blimp floating over a high school in bloomsburg, pennsylvania. > it's gng down! >> reporter: dragging a long metal tether, a cable several thousands feet long, wiping out power lines along the way. >> lights out for us at fowlersville and 47. >> they lost power out there, also. >> route 11's dead. >> reporter: listen to this neighbor's recording from the ground. >> whatever this thing is anything. >> reporter: the top secret balloon cost $175 million. the program, more than $2 billion. the balloon is equipped with high tech radar, and early warning system that can search the area the size of texas for incoming cruise missil, on the ground.
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242 feet long. three-quarters of a football field. the secretary of defense telling reporters today he's seen these balloons break free in afghanistan. stephen ganyard saying, make no mistake. it was a lot of taxpayer money floating for much of the afternoon. >> so, this protects the national capital region but it's aery sophisticated military technology. very classified. it's the best capability in the wormentd. >> reporter: shortly before touching down, the tail fell off a quarter mile away from the massive balloon's final resting place in moreland township, pennsylvania, just after 1:00 p.m. al 150-plus mile journey from that base in maryland, sending f-16s in the air and officials and the ground scramblbling. it was not far from here, in columbia county, pennsylvania, when the blimp started to deflate on its own. and now a warning from officials for pple to stay aw from the balloon, even with it nowack on the ground. david? >> linsey, thank you. and we turn next here to that explosive video.
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that officer who flipped a student over and dragged her out of c class. tonight, he's been fired. but he is also speaking out. his first statement. the video, the officer appearing to put his arm around her december there. he dgs her away. the other students fron in place. tonight, the image of the officer smiling before he learned his fate today. and what he's now saying tonight. abc's mary bruce in columbia, south carolina. >> reporter: just 48 hours after this video surfaced showing his disturbing classroom takedown, at smiling officer just moments before he learned his fate. seen here in exclusive photos taken by >> school officer ben fields was terminated from the richmond county sheriff department. >> reporter: authorities say the 16-year-old student was being disruptive and was repeatedly asked to leave. but refuses. >> either you're going to come with me or i'm going toake you. >> reporter: she refuses several more times, the situation quickly escalates. today, the sheriff's department
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saying that officer crossed the line right at this moment. when the girl is thrown across the room. >> when he threw her across the room, he lost control of her. that's not acceptable. that's what violated our policy. >> reporter: but officer fields just releasing a statement, sayi his actions weree justified and lawful. that student tonight charged with drupting class. the girl's lawyer says she was physally injured. >> her arm is in a cast. she's got a band aid on her forehead. >> his methods of removing the child from the classom were absolutely inappropriate and unreasonable. >> reporter: parents at the school divided now over who is to blame. some en defending officer fields. >> that student was given ample opportunity to do the right thing and she chose to not do that. >> repter: and david, the girl's attorney tells us that regardless of whether she followed the teacher's instructions or not, he says the deputy had no reason to toss her across that classroom. david? >> mary bruce with us again tonight. thk you, mary. >> reporter: and to one more
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school vidideo ming news tonight. this one from sacramento, californrnia. a lunchroom brawl between students. the principipal jumping in to stop it. then it is the principal that is slammed to the ground. the princal then getting up and tackling that student. three teenagers were arrested afterwarard and tonight, florin high school saying the principal suffered minor injnjuries and did need medical attention. we turn tonht to thehe race for 2016 and this evening, the high stakes republican debate showdown. and a big change, even before the debate. donald trump no longer the clear front-runner. here's where they stand going in. ben carson taking the lead nationally, though win the marg of error. trump, a few points behind. then marco rubio, then jeb beshush and carly fiorina. tonight's trump's frustration very clear,r, with a question he asked a room of iowa voters. abc's tom llamas with what trump asked. >> reporter: before the debate, donald trump went to iowa to get
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some answers. >> what the hell are youou people doing to me? >> reporter: trump s sounding slightly impatient withowa voters. he can't understand why dr. ben carson has toppled him as the front-runner. >> will you get these numbers up iowa, please? this is ridiculous. i mean, i am second. it's not, like, terrible, but -- i don't like being second. second is terrible. to men. >> reporter: but trump promising not to cut and run. i'm not leaving iowa. i'm not leaving iowa. nonow, if iose iowa, i will never speak to you people again. that i can tell you. reporter: tonight, trump tweeting he's "looking forward to what i am sure will be a very unfair debate." also sounding frustrated these days, jeb bush. >> i got a lot of really cool things that i could do other than sit around and being miserable, listening to people demonize me and me feeling compelled to demonize them. that is a joke. elect trump if you want that. >> reporter: but bush is hoping a strong performance tonight will jumpstart his struggling campaign.
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senator marco rubio, his former protege, who the bush campaign now calls the gop obama. attacking him for missing more votes than any senator this year. today, o of rubio's hometown newspars, "the sun sentinel," which endorsed him for senate, callg him to resign over those missed votes, writing, "you are ripping us off, senator." rubio promising to address the issue. >> tune in tonight, you'll see it. >> and tom, we know there are really two battles playing out toninight. donald trump and ben carson, but also two friends now sparring, jeb bush versus marco rubio. they both need to do something here, do they not? >> reporter: that's right, vid. they both call each other friends, but there's been nothing friendly about the relationship recently. and sources within the rubio campaign point out that tonight on that debate stage, rubio will be in between donald trump and jeb bush. the two people who have been hitting him the hardest in this campaign. but they say with jeb, it's a
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than when you are standing right next to someone, someone you call a friend. >> we'll be watching the dynamics. tom llamas, our thanks to you. even before the debate, some of the candidates very unhappy with their green rooms where they wait before they go on. sending out tweweets and photos. check it out. donald trump's, that's his room right here. leather couch, chairs, the flat screen tv. rubio's team, well, it looks like a theater there to watch the debate. then there's rand paul's room. tweeting irritation over that small room, a tiny work table and a bathroom. we've been told at this hour that it's all been straightened out but showing they are very touchy going into this debate. we have jon karl here. you ld us, when it comes to donald trump, he cannot afford to do something tonighght. >> repter: h he can't look like a guy that is losing. he's a successful businessman. a guy that's going to make america great again. for the first time, he's going into a debate with his front-runner status challenged. and, you know, david, he cannot look like he's worried that's slipping away.
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you saw goioing into this, he's already saying it's going to be unfair. that's a bad sign. the team that complains about the refs is usually the losing team. >> before the game even begins. jon karl, always great having you and the entire political team with u tonight. in the meantime, remnants of hurricane patricia tonight bringing a blinding rainstorm. rain and win from florida all the way up to maine. 50 million people in the path. flooding roads, images from connecticut at this hour. and the fierce wind whipping up the waves off the coast of massachusetts. look at the radar tonight, showing the massive storm at this hour, making for a dangerous commute home. meteorologist rob marciano outsideor us tonight with how long this lasts. rob? >> reporter: david, it is really coming down here in the upper wewest side of manhattan. a rough commute he for millions of americans. the george washington bridge barely visible behind me. the winds also a problem, especially across upstate new york. you mentioned the damage up there. and wind advisories and warnings remain in effect from new york through maine. we have high pressure to the east, low pressure to the west.
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coastal flooding a problem, too. here's the future radar. the heavieststuff falling now. that wilill continue for the next sixth or so hours. by this time time tomorrow night, david, it should be a lot drier here. >> all right, rob, come on inside and getet d and warm. thank you. well turn next to capitol hill tonight. the house, one step closer to electing the next speaker of the house. house republicans officially nominanating pauryan, putting asidehe differences that drove john boehner out of the job. ryan promising to move forward and unify the party. a formal vote now by the full house is set for tomorrow. and in chicago tonit, a stunning fall for a former speaker of the house. entering a guilty plea in a criminal case involving hush money to hide alleged misconduct. the accusations dating back to when he was a popular high school wrest. ing coach. it is a stunning fall for a man who was once second in line for the presidency. abc's chief investitigative correspondent brn ross in chicago tonight.
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>> reporter: once a symbol of power and authority, a humbled dennis hastert c came to crt todain chicago to admit he broke banking laws as he paid millions of dollars in hush money to cover up a dark secret. mr. hastert, do y youave anything to sail to your victims, sir? but by p pleading ilty, the former speaker avoids having to public address the ghosts of his past. it all goes back to the 1970s, when hastert was a popular illinois high school wrestling coach and allegedly sexually abused several teenage boys on his team. >> these boys were 14, 15, 16 years old. >> reporter: jolene burdge told abc news her late brother steven was one of his victims, which he revealed to her when he came out as gay. >> i asked him, stevie, when was your first same-sex experience? he looked at me and said that it was with dennis hastert. i know i was stunned. >> reporter: toda she says she
5:43 pm
was disappointed, but not surprised hastert made a deal with the vernment. >> i think it's unfair. his victims didn't get a choice. >> reporter: david, the crime hastert pleaded guilty to today carries a maximum sentence of five years. yet, under his deal, the government will recommend that hastert serve at most only six months and probably in a halfway house, not a fedel prison. david? >> brian ross and his team covering this case from the start. brian, thank you. and next here tonight, to a stunning image of a young high school football player collapsing on the side of the field. at first, the teen stumbling off the field, and then collapsing, rushed immediately into surgery. this incident, of course, the latest in a dangerous season already. seven young players losing their lives in just seven weeks. and tonight, there are new questions about the helmet this player was wearing, with a sensor designed to give warnrning. and the question -- why didn't it pick up this particular hit here's abc's matt gutman. reporter: number 18 josh nava makes the tackle. >> he's down and he looks like
5:44 pm
he's in pain. >> reporter: but he barely makes it back to the sideline friday night, wobbling until a teammate props himim up. then collapsing under that bench. >> came off the field, everything seemed normal. >> reporter: this ambulance rushing the 17-year-old defensive back to a hospital in riverside, california, for emergency surgery to stop the bleeding and swelling on his brain. like his teammates that night, nava was wearing riddell's insighimpact helmet rimmed with sensors. >> that censor is in there to monitor this severity of certain impacts and also the frequency of certain impact, as well. >> reporter: but in nava's case, the school district says his helmet's sensor did not go off. recent studies show that the helmets produced in the $125 million dollar a year industry do not reduce the risk of concussions. sensors like this are not going to stop the concussion epidemic but if a coach sees a red light like this blinking at leasast he knows to take a second look at a player. tonight, nava is still in an induced coma, but at least now
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on his own. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> matt gutman tonight, thank you. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. and the pharmacy wars heating up tonight. has it really come down to just two pharmacies in america? the major change coming for you. walgreens making a huge buy, challenging cvs as america's largest drugstore. tonight, how it will affect you, and we have three tips right after the break that will help you save money on your prescriptions right away. also tonight, the deadly explosio insidide a world war ii tank, right here in america. thities now investigating. they're on the scene tonight. and the world series, were you watching last night when it went to black? not once, but twice. the announcer surprised. >> does that mean we're going back to kansas city? >> no, the music did not mean that. who is apologizing tonight? did someone pull the wrong cable? on how we're going to take on directv. so over to you. (newhart) thank you.
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wahl gres buying rite aid for more than $9 billion. it will now be walgreens versus cvs. abc's rebecca jarvis with ways to save on your prescriptions. >> reporter: it's a far cry from the local pharmacy on the corner. >> the remarkable new medicines found in all drugstores today. >> reporter: tonight, industry giant walgreens with its 8,200 stares acquiri rite aid and its 4,600 stores. creating a drugstore colossus. ifegulators approve, it will mean the market for your medicine is dominated by just two major players. walgreens and competitor cvs. typically, l less competition means higher prices, but that might not be the case here, because walgreens will now have the upper hand when negotiating prices with drug compans. americans spent a staggering 13% more on drugs last year than the year before. so, what can you do?
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use apps like good rx or lower meds, which let you compare prices at local pharmacies. check discount warehouse clubs like costco and bjs. they offer some of the lowest prices and you don't have to be a member to buy. and try mail order. if your insurance offers it. they'll typically send you a 90-day supply. an here's an additional tip for you tonight. don't forget, you can negotiate with independentt pharmacies. they will often cut you the best deals, so, check out the local inte den feint pharmacy in your neighborhood. >> rebecca, thank you. when we come back here toninight, the deadly accident on the fing range. the explosion inside a world war ii tank, right here in the u.s. also, the new report revealing how often mistakes are made during surgery, right here in america. and then, what left prince
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to the index. a deadly explosion near bend, oregon. two people killed on the firing range inside a world war ii tank. they were taking part in a video shoot. investigators are on the scene. a new headline about mistakes in the o.r. researchers studying surge littles at mass general revealing drug-related medical mistakes in nearly half of the operations they studied. they suggest similar results could come at other top hospitals. drug labels, incorrect dosages and needed medications not given. and a royal moment in virginia. prince har and first lady michelle obama thrilled right there during a special visit. the two were in awe because they were watching wounded warriors play basketball. the prince reminding us all to honor our wounded veterans. when we come back, the apologies are coming in tonight, so, what really happened at the world series last night?
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the plan people stick with. finally, after last night's game, we learned today that the royals star pititcher in e game, edinson volquez, wasunaware his father had passed away. his family wanting him to play the game, telling him afterward. we're wishing him well. and there was something else about the game, and now the apology over going to black. abc's t.j. holmes on the glitch seen by millions. >> hi. we're having some technical difficulties. >> reporter: it was the middle ofhe fourth of an epic 14-inning world series opener when tvs across the country went to this. fox commentators at a loss. >> i don't think it was a weather problem, because it wasn't raining at the time of
5:57 pm
>> fox broadcasting has taken some kind of a technical glitch. >> reporter: the game was halted here in the stadium. fans at home were having a field day on social media. for one fan, it was kind of like watching baseball with the flyntstones. another asking, did you try unplugging it and plugging it back in? >> i hear our music, does that mean we're going back to kansas city? >> r reporter:fter five minutes and a second outage, power restored. >> he got him! fox now apologizing, blaming the outage on a rare electronics failure. google fiber, provider of high speed internet, apologized to its customers, too. as for game two tonight,less assured, baseball fans, all systems are go. t.j. holmes, abc news, kansas city, missouri. >> we've5 news at 6 in hd. we are iowa's most accurate weather team and we start with your forecast first." brad/wx wall weather adlib: now it really feels like late octoberrrr! those cold northwesterly winds have exceeded 40 mph at times and will continue to blow
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through the night at 15-30 mph. that will means some pretty low wind chill values for this time of year. if you are heading out to watch some high school football games, dress warm and maybe take a blanket or two because wind chills will be falling back into the 20s as the actual temps fall into the 30s. there will be some clearing over mainly southern iowa, but northern iowa will likely see clouds and a few snow showers- but no accumulation. thursday will be a chilly day with a bit more sunshine while those winds continue at 15-25 mph. friday will be calmer and nicer overall, but clouds will return to the sky and bring some rains showers later in the evening. right now, i think beggar's night stays dry with most of the rain waiting until after midnight. rain is likely saturday morning, but should move out by mid- afternoon. then sunday-tuesday are looking awesome with highs in the upper 60s to lower 70s! "local 5 news at 6 in hd starts now. we are iowa" "they've only been a couple of weeks, its a learning curve for everyone " " jack: body cameras for officers... they're on the streets right now in waukee. how it'll work and what you need to know before you could be recorded. jack/1shot: good evening. welcome to local 5 news, home of we are iowa dot com. i'm ja miller. stephanie is on assignment. jack: the next time you get pulled over in waukee... you'll be on camera. over in waukee... you'll be on camera. every interaction with an officer will
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be recorded. and the des moines police


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